Tue, 27 September
8:00 AM Dubai

Live Webinar: Reciprocation in Endodontics

Speaker(s): Dr. Nicola M. Grande DDS, PhD

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Reciprocation in Endodontics

Dr. Nicola M. Grande DDS, PhD

Release date: 27/09/2016
Expiration date: 27/09/2019


Dr. Nicola M. Grande DDS, PhD

Nicola M Grande has been Adjunct Professor of Endodontics in the Catholic University of Sacred Heart (2002-2008), from 2009 to 2012 he worked as Researcher in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Since 2013 he is Assistant Professor of Endodontics at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart. His main scientific interests are the preparation of root canals with Nickel-Titanium rotary instruments, the study of anatomy and preparation of endodontic anatomy by micro-computed tomography techniques and the restoration of the endodontically treated teeth with new conservative approach. He has published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals, he is contributor in several books of endodontic interest, member of the Editorial board of international peer reviewed journals and he is lecturing both nationally and internationally as keynote speaker in the fields of endodontics, microsurgery and restorative dentistry. He works in private practice limited to endodontics and microsurgery in Rome – Italy.

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